Letter's to Jack

This Blog will be made up of letter's writen to our son Jack , who even though he is not with us physically ,he will always be in hearts. If people would like to make a donation in Jack's name, please make it to The Hospital for Sick Children. Thank You

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spring in the air

Hi my Baby Boy,
I was walking home from the bus today, and noticing how sad it is, all the garbage that appears after the winter thaw. However, it amazes me year after year that among all the garbage and dirt, the bright green blades of grass, the wild flowers, dandylions, and even the wild Trillium flowers grow proud and strong regardless of what mess is around them or they are caught up in.
Kind of a good analogy for my mind. Regardless of what a tangle of "garbage" ie. negative self talk, guilt, self blame, anxiety... my mind is caught up in, there is always room for power and beauty to come out of it all.
I'll keep thinking that every time I walk up and down the road. Every time I look up and the moon and the stars though, they are for you Baby Boy. Because I love you, to the Moon and Back