Letter's to Jack

This Blog will be made up of letter's writen to our son Jack , who even though he is not with us physically ,he will always be in hearts. If people would like to make a donation in Jack's name, please make it to The Hospital for Sick Children. Thank You

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I Rock

Hi Mr. Twinkle Toes, I've had a great experience getting back to work full days. Ok, today is only day 2, but it does feel really good. So, I've been walking around like I'm oh so cool, and my saying is guess who rocks... I do, you'd better believe it Baby Boy. On my first full day back, my first evaluation from call monitoring was 100 % and on the same day, I had a customer ask to speak to my supervisor, as she wanted to say how happy she was with my customer service skills and how great I was. So I figure (as happy as Daddy is to hear it) I rock. I have earned the right to stand up and say that han't I !!!
I love you to the moon and back, Thank You for all the storm clouds that have been watching over me yesterday and today.
Love Momma

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New directions

Hi Buddy

Thanks for all of the positive vibes you sent me yesterday at my first day of my new job. It's pretty scary to start something new this late in the game, but knowing that I have your Momma right behind me supporting me makes it a whole lot easier.

Your Momma starts back to work full-time today, and I know she'll do just fine. She loves her job and what she does so she just has to take a deep breath if she starts to get overwhelmed and she will make it through the day.

Well I better go and get ready for work :)

Love ya Jack


Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday's and Thank You's

HI Baby Boy,
Daddy sure had a good day today didn't he. I am so proud of him, and it was so nice to see Daddy come home feeling relaxed, and having enjoyed his day. What a way to start the week.
My doctor's appointments all went well, and I am ready to take on a full day at work tomorrow.
I'd like to take a minute for you Mr. Twinkle Toes, because I don't think I've really introduced you to some truly magical people who've made a difference in my life. So I'd like to introduce (all in equal value with love) Catch, Chayna, Mimi, Cindy, Lori, and Butterflies. These women stop by everyday, and continue to leave such kind, supportive words, and reminders that I can see you everyday, and feel you in my heart. A thank you to these women, for they have helped me mend my broken heart a lot more, and helped me heal more than they will ever know.
I know you'll watch over these wonderful women too.
I love you Baby Boy.
Love Momma

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Turning Corners

Hi Baby Boy, I hope you are snuggled in for the night. Daddy and I had a busy day, and are tired tonight. Tomorrow is Daddy's first day at the new job, and Tuesday I start full days again. As time goes on, its getting easier to turn each corner, but it is still scary. No matter what we expect to happen, it could always be different... Sometimes it feels like the more time that passes, the farther away from you I am. A thank you to Cindy, who reminded me the other day that you are only a thought away.
Here is something that Shakespeare wrote, many many moons ago, yet still very true this moment.

Off then with the old. The decay, and the mouldering mustiness of this shapeless mass:
On then with the eternal vastness of an unfettered spirit-
A being of such freedom, As moving seems apart, Even from reality And projects the immage Of eternal hope
Into the tiniest gem or dewdrop.
Cupped within a blossom rare.

I love you to the moon and back Baby Boy. Be with Daddy tomorrow Ok? I know you will be.
Love Momma